DAS Protection Services

It's not nice to think about but burglary can be a very damaging thing to happen to any home and is sometimes very hard to overcome. Police research suggests that an up to date security system is one of the main off-putting factors to thieves. We aim to make people feel safe whether that be in bed at night or miles away from home.

Alarm Systems

At DAS we aim to install alarm systems that really work for the end user. We believe that user satisfaction is a result of quality reliable products installed and maintained by engineers who understand the different needs and circumstances surrounding each costumer’s situation. Therefore, we offer free quotes tailored around each individual’s needs. From pet smart systems to speech diallers our task is to produce a security system that works in and around people’s life styles and needs. Our products and services include:

  • Installation of new alarm systems
  • Updates and improvements to existing alarms systems
  • Annual maintenance and servicing contracts
  • Maintenance and takeovers of existing alarms and contracts
  • Hardwired alarms systems
  • Wireless alarms systems
  • Pet safe detection
  • Diallers and messaging alert systems
  • Perimeter protection
Alarm Systems


CCTV systems and the technology they use is advancing at a very fast pace. Therefore, we aim to always stay one step ahead and install systems that are at the very forefront of the technology available. We offer a whole range of product dependant of the needs or the costumer. We offer full HD infrared night vision as standard and have smart phone connectivity on all our systems. From single camera systems onwards, we always aim to produce a system that is simple to use and reliable. We offer free quotations and advice for people thinking about investing in a CCTV system. Our products and services include:

  • Complete fitting and installation services
  • Full HD 980/1080 2mp-4mp CCTV cameras.
  • 4K ultra HD cameras
  • 24hr recording
  • Full varifocal cameras for complete zonal coverage.
  • IR night vision as standard
  • Smart phone and remote viewing capability
  • Complete covert service
  • Maintenance and updates for existing systems.
  • Point to point wireless cameras connections
CCTV Installer

Security Lighting

Security lighting is an important part of any security system and can really help deter thieves from getting anywhere near a property. Advances in technology has made LED lighting much more accessible for use in large coverage security lighting applications. Our products and services include:

  • Complete LED update and replacement service
  • Full security light installation service
  • PIR detection
  • Dusk to dawn outdoor lighting systems
  • Coach light/ porch light designs
  • Time switch lighting
  • Integrated security light and camera systems
Security lighting