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Do you want 24/7 business security? If you are searching for security lighting installers near you in Preston, don’t look any further than DAS Protection LTD.

Lighting is an often-overlooked security aspect that might get you in hot water. Motion sensors in our security lighting systems turn on the lights when motion is detected, preventing vandalism or crime while also conserving energy.

Security lighting has played an important role in preventing crime and boosting security in public, commercial, and residential areas. Security lighting minimises crime by allowing authorities and communities to monitor activities during dark hours. Our range of commercial outdoor security lighting features cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. Get a quotation from one of our professionals now!

Security Lighting Installers Preston

Security Lighting can only do wonders if installed correctly. In fact, there have been situations where installing lighting badly or in the wrong place has failed to deter intruders. A professionally installed system gives you peace of mind that it will work properly when you need it. Our expert security lighting installation technicians and engineers provide unique physical security solutions for organisations. You can benefit from proper installation in the following ways.

● It offers better visibility from a distance so that anybody moving in or near the area can be seen.
● Eliminate possible blind spots along pedestrian paths.
● Supports facial recognition devices.
● Assist with the usage of other safety equipment in the vicinity, such as cameras.

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